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Welcome to Glassar Projects

Our construction company has two locations on the Wirral & Liverpool, giving our customers an opportunity to access the finest Wirral builders and Liverpool builders who boast of over 40 years experience in producing state-of-the-art building expertise. We also provide our services on a 24 hour basis, ensuring that in the case that you are in an emergency then we will be able to help. We focus on giving our customers a professional building service. Which means to us keeping everything  clean tidy and respect in peoples homes. We are polite and treat our clients with the respect they deserve. Home extensions Wirral and home extensions Liverpool.

At Glassar Projects we understand that our clients have different financial abilities, thus we focus on catering for everyone irrespective of their budget. We have also created the UK’s first online Building service shop that allows you to choose a product or service for your home or business, with the opportunity to choose the time and day that you would like this product or service installed. When you give your specifications, a member of the Build it smart or Glassar Projects team will come around and install or complete the service you purchased. We really believe that the Build it smart online shop is a major improvement and it could wholly change the way customers perceive and use the construction industry. In order to give you a chance to test our products and services, we provide ratings and feedback that were submitted by our previous customers. Our company focuses on making it easier for customers to buy our products as well as access services, these are bundled in a single price to improve the customer experience.

 We have Kitchen installation specialist

Our team focuses on research, ensuring that it has information with regards to the latest lighting and power points that would best fit and enhance the homeowner’s home.

We are well conversant with the basics of kitchen lighting, and we relay the knowledge in understandable terms to homeowners who are searching for the best lighting solution.

We can also assist you in coming up with new kitchen designs.  Glassar Projects also provide a 3D plan of any kitchen design to show you exactly how your kitchen will work around you and your family.

We will point out any problem areas and design our way around them to offer solutions to the parts of the kitchen that might pose problems in terms of design and functionality.

Wirral builders & Liverpool builders Glassar Projects Property Maintenance

We have numerous reasons to prove that Glassar Projects are the Best company when it comes to offering property maintenance. If you are Looking For A Contractor To Take care Of Any Repair, Renovation, Or Maintenance Needs To Any Of Your Properties.

Glassar Projects ensures that the best professionals in the industry handle any problems on your property. At Glassar Projects, we offer clients experienced carpenters, plumbers, roofers, electricians, painters, brick masons, and all sorts of handymen under one roof. This minimizes the time needed to contact and interview multiple companies for any project. All you need is to contact us and we will provide all the building products and services that you require in your project. In addition, you have the peace of mind and guarantee that only experienced and insured professionals are in charge and that are equal to any problems that may emerge.

Bathroom Installations on the Wirral & Liverpool

A Home Can Never Be Complete Without A Clean And Aesthetically Pleasing Bathroom, En Suite Or Downstairs Toilet.

After All, No One Can Be Comfortable Cleaning Themselves Or Children In A Dark Dingy Bathroom With Molds In The First Place. In order to deal with the set of challenges mentioned above and many more, at Glassar Projects we offer Bathroom Specialists who are trained effectively. Glassar Projects provide the following Services to our esteemed customers: Led solutions for your bathroom, storage ideas for tight spaces and colour schemes you will be happy with.

Bathroom design, Just like the rest of your house needs to be designed so as to be aesthetically and physically appealing.

Our bathroom specialists are able to utilize the space available in your bathroom, the design of the equipment you will use (such as the sink or bathtub), and the overall design in order to complement the bathroom with the house.

Glassar Projects Wirral builders Liverpool builders open planning living

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