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I started Glassar Projects, because I did not find a construction company that gave people what they wanted, when they wanted it and most importantly at the price they wanted it at.

Are service

We recognise that we are offering a service! How many times have you spoken to someone who has any type of experience in either getting work completed on there own home or are actual home builders themselves. Who object to your ideas, trying to explain why they wont work, when in reality we all know they are just trying to make life easy for themselves. Frustrating right? We feel that, that kind of thinking is dead! We are always looking to be apart of the latest and great, most exciting projects possible.

Our shop

We offer a complete money back guarantee with any builditsmart product, and also offer price planning so any work that is completed can be paid in various stages when you have it and not necessarily in one large lump. This gives you a chance to effectively manadige your finances.

We have a wide range of innovative ideas which we have gathered from many years of working with the general public in the construction industry and I can honestly say there is no other company that matches us in caring for its customers.

We are looking to not also become the best builders in Liverpool but have created this shop to shakup the construction industry forever.

“Our focus is on making peoples lives better by giving them a beautiful living space with the seemless service we offer” .

Mr Carl Glassar,    business owner.

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