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This information may include all sorts of personal information which will further be processed by us. However, we strongly encourage you to read and learn about the views or the practices implemented by The Built it smart to treat the personal information. By joining this website as a visitor or as a trainer you are declaring that you agreeing to following the practices mentioned in this policy. In accordance with the data protection act 1998, the company has all the rights to gather and process the following information about you. The information provided by you Being a visitor, you are likely to give provide us your personal information by filling up the forms available on our official website or via telephonic correspondence or e-mail or otherwise. This information is provided by you for the following different types of purposes: 1.Registration on our official website 2.Subscription to our services 3.Make a booking with one of our qualified and experienced service providers and trainers 4.Placing order on our website 5.Participation in discussions in discussion boards 6.Any other business activity commonly carried out on our official website Following may be information provided by you to us: 1.Your Name 2.Contact Number 3.E-mail address Note: This information will be provided by you for further processing of your financial information such as credit card information and Pay pal details. Following is the information collected by the company about you: With every visit of yours on our official website Glassar Projects the company will automatically gain access to the following information about you. 1.Technical information: 1.The technical information collected by the company includes internet protocol of your internet connection. 2.Secondly, your login information. 3.Browser information. 4.Information about time zone setting. 5.Information about browser’s plug-in type and their versions. 6.Operating systems and platforms. 2.Information regarding your visit: Glassar Projects also reserves the right of collecting following information about your visits: The full Universal Resource Locator (URL) via or from our official website Glassar Projects including date as well as time information. The company also gathers information about the products or providers visited or searched by you. Response time consumed by the page. Download errors. Length of visits to some specific pages visited by you. Infraction information about the page such as scrolling, clicks and mouse overs). Methods adopted for browsing away from any page as well as phone used for the purpose of calling our customer care service. 3.Information received using other sources: In case, you make use of any other source or the websites that company operates with or the other services provided by the company. The company is also working hard in collaboration with the companies then Glassar Projects will gather your personal information from them. Following is the information gathered by using the other sources: 1: Cookies 2. Glassar Projects makes use of cookies in pursuance of distinguishing you from the rest of the users on our website. This helps the company satisfy you with the first-rate browsing experience while you visit our website. Furthermore, this acts as platform for us to improve the website for the future. The company has thoroughly refined cookie policy which further describes the use of the information. The company makes use of the information provided by you in the following possible ways: 1.The company makes use of the information provided by you for the purpose of carrying out all sorts of obligations arising out of any formal contracts between you and us for equipping you with all sorts of possible information products as well the services requested by you. 2.The company also makes use of your information to load you with the information about the similar products or the services that you already have used or purchased or enquired for. 3.Glassar Electrical and Construction also makes use of the information to provide of allow you to get information about any product of the services provided by the third party that the company feels can be in best interest of you. In case, you are an existing user of our official website, Glassar Projects will contact you using only electronic modes of communication such as Short Messaging Service (SMS) or E-mails loaded with the information regarding all sorts of goods and services that are exactly similar to the services, previous sales as well as negotiation of any sale to you. If you are a newly registered user or a customer on our website, Glassar Priojects will contact you using electronic means of communication such as SMS or e-mails only if you allow us for the pass of your personal information to the third parties for marketing purposes. If you aspire us not to make use of your personal information by the third parties for the purpose of marketing, you are advised to click at the relevant box located in the form used for collecting your personal information. For the purpose of giving you the notice about the changes in our services, products, website or our policy and also to make sure that the content available on our website is according to your requirements and your computer’s requirements. The company will make use of the information provided by you for the purpose of administering the website as well for internal operations that includes the following: 1.Troubleshooting. 2.Analyzing Data. 3.Testing and research. 4.Statistics and Surveys. 5.To increase your active participation in all sorts of interactive features on our website at your consent. 6.For maintaining our website clean, safe and secure for best browsing experience for you. 7.As effort to understand the value of effectiveness of relevant advertisements served to you. 8.In order to suggest and recommend you the other benefits related to the goods as well as services that may interest you or them. The information received by the company from other sources. The company combines this information with the information provided by you about yourself. Glassar Projects reserves the right of making use of this information with the combined information in pursuance of the objectives mentioned above in this policy. This process depends upon the kind of information that you provide us as our valuable user or visitor, 1.Disclosure of the information : The company holds the right of sharing your personal information under all sorts of circumstances with our subsidiaries or Glassar Projects Ultimate holding company as well as its subsidiaries. Glassar Projects can share your personal information with the third parties that includes the following: 1.Business partners 2.Supplies 3.Sub-Contractors Your information is shared with them to make sure that the performance of any contract that the company and you finalize as a part of business strategy. This helps book your appointment with our service providers that are finalize by you for your business. This information will not be shared with our service providers without your consent. In case, your information is shared, the company will share it only with the service providers finalized by you for booking an appointment with them. Glassar Projects shares information with advertisers and advertising networks that need data to the advertisers approved by the company for coming up the advertising services that are relevant to others and you. As far as the identifiable users are concerned, Glassar Projects on is fully committed to keep their vital information secure from our advertisers, but the company still reserves the right of providing the advertisers with the aggregate information. We will also share your personal information with the analytics as well as the search engine providers which help us improve and optimize our official website Glassar Electrical and Construction for better browsing experience for you. Glassar Projects will disclose your personal information to the third parties or perspective sellers only if the company buys any sort of business or assets. Furthermore, your personal information subject to sharing with the third parties, in case, Glassar Projects of its subsidiaries is purchased by. In such a case, all of the personal information held about you by us will be a kind of transferred assets. Your personal information for Glassar Projects ubject to sharing with third parties or advertisers or service providers, if the company is under any kind of legal obligation to share your personal information. Your personal information can also be shared with the third parties in pursuance of successful enforcement or application of our terms and conditions as well as any other agreement that you enter into with us. Full protection of rights, property as well the safety of Glassarthe customers as well as the others are some of the main issues that can make your personal information subject to sharing with the third parties. Exchange of information with the other companies as well as organizations for protection against frauds and any sort of credit risk is also included In it. 1.Where the company stores the personal data. 2.Furthermore, the data collected about you by the company is subject to transfer at any destination which is not the part of the European Economic Area. Possibly, you whole information may also become subject to processing at the hands of the staff operating outside the European Economic Area which is employed by Glassar Projects or any of our supplier. Such staff of Glassar Projects may be involved in the process of fulfilling your orders, processing payment details and the provision set up by the company regarding support services. Once you submit your personal information to the company, you agree to this process of transfer, storing and processing. Glassar Projects is dedicated and committed towards taking all of the necessary steps in pursuance of ensuring that the process of processing, string or transferring your personal information is completely secure. 3.Any personal information provided by you is always stored on our fully secure servers whereas your payment transactions are encrypted using SSL technology. On the other hand, in case, the company has allowed you to choose a password and a user name to let you access the luxury of certain parts of our official website , you must take the responsibility of keeping that information secure and confidential at your end. The company strongly encourages and advises you not to communicate this information to anyone in any form of communication. 4.The transmission of information through internet is completely secure yet the company will work hard to ensure foolproof security of your personal information. Despite this, under no circumstances, the company is responsible for the security of the transmitted personal information concerning you. Transmission at your own risk. However, the company will still leave no stone untouched to ensure the security of the personal information transmitted by you by making use of the best security features for the purpose of preventing all sorts of unauthorized access. 2.You’re Rights Being our customer, the company respects your right to ask us not to process your personal information for the purpose of Marketing. The company will inform you before making use of your personal information for marketing purpose. In case, the company intends to disclose your personal information to any third party for marketing, you have every right to exercise your right in order to prevent any such processing. To do so, you just need to check some boxes on the forms used by the company to collect your personal information. Moreover, you also have every right to exercise your right to access us at the following e-mail address to prevent the company from using your personal information for marketing purposes. Off and on Glassar Projects may contain some links from the official websites of our partner networks advertisers as well as affiliates. In case, you follow these links then the company should not be held responsible for the process of your personal information because these websites have their own privacy policy which is not supported by us. In addition to it, we do not accept these policies. Most importantly, we are not liable for these policies. 3.Access to information The data protection act 1998 empowers you to access the information collected about you. You get every right to access your personal information under this act. All the access requests may be subject to an affordable fee for the purpose of meeting your cost in providing you with your personal information held by you. 4.Changes to the privacy policy of the company Our privacy policy is subject to constant changes from time to time. As a result of it, Glassar Projects strongly encourages you to visit this page frequently and for updates in our privacy policy. Furthermore, the company will also try to notify you via an e-mail. 5.Contact Glassar Projects wholeheartedly welcomes all sorts of questions, comments, requests and suggestions regarding this privacy policy adopted by the company. All this should be posted via e-mail our customer care phone number or e-mail address.

This privacy policy is for this website; Glassar Projects and served by Glassar Projects and governs the privacy of its users who choose to use it. It explains how we comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the DPA (Data Protection Act) [pre GDPR enforcement] and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations).

This policy will explain areas of this website that may affect your privacy and personal details,

how we process, collect, manage and store those details and how your rights  under the GDPR, DPA PECR are adhered to. Additionally it will explain the use of cookies or software, advertising or commercial  sponsorship from third parties. Further  explanations may be provided for specific pages or features of this website in order to help you understand how we, this website and its third parties (if any) interact with you and your computer  / device in order to serve it to you.

Our contact information is provided if you have any questions.

The   DPA   &  GDPR May 2018

We and this website complies to the DPA (Data Protection Act 1998) and already complies to the GDPR

(General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into affect from May 2018. We will update this

policy accordingly after the completion of the UKs exit from the European Union.