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1.This terms of use guides all of the users or visitors about the terms of use to let make use of our official website http://www.glassarprojects.com, whether as a guest or a registered user. Making use of our official website http://www.glassarprojects.com includes accessing, browning or registration on our website. 2.Being a responsible company, we encourage you read our terms of use very carefully before you start making use of our official website http://www.glassarprojects.com because terms of use will definitely apply to your use of our website. The company further encourages you to keep a hard copy of these for future reference. 3.In case, you make use of our website for any requirement of your own, you make it clear that all of our terms of use are fully acceptable to you. Furthermore, you also agree to comply with them. 4.However, if you decide not to agree with these terms of use then we encourage you not to make use of our website and any related service. 5.The company considers its duty to let the everyone know and understand that these terms and conditions are only applicable between Glassar Projects and the users.

6.Most importantly, these terms and conditions do not cover any kind of relationship between the users and third party providers at any cost. 7.However, if anyone is aspirant of joining our website as a provider then you can contact use either through our phone numbers or via e-mail address. 8.The company has different set of policy and terms and conditions for the trainers. 9.By making use our official website you agree that the company has right to process the information provided by your about yourself for the uses mentioned in the privacy policy or any legal obligation. Moreover, you also agree that all the information provided by you is true to the best of your knowledge. Being a user you also agree to our cookie policy. 2. Information about the company http://www.glassarprojects.com is owned by Glassar Projects For further information, either contacts us via phone number or via e-mail address.

3. Changes to the terms of use and website 1. Our privacy policy, website and terms of use are subject to change from time to time. By providing us your personal information for making use of our official website you agree that we have every right to amend our privacy policy, terms of use or website at any point of time. However, we encourage you to visit this page to notice any update in our privacy policy, terms of use or any website. 2. Any content on our website may be declared outdated at any point and the company will not be responsible for updating it at any cost. Access to http://www.glassarprojects.com

1.Company also does not guarantee the accuracy of any content available on our website. Moreover, the company also does not guarantee the permanent availability of the content because access to our website or any content available is completely on temporary basis. 2.The company has all the rights to suspend all or any part of the website or content available on it without any prior notice. 3.The company is also not responsible in case our website is not available at any time for any period of time. 4.Being a user of our website, it is your own responsibility to ensure that you have every possible mean to access our website. 5.Every person visiting or joining our website must comply with the terms and condition and our privacy policy at every cost. Terms of use only for Users 1.It is important that you are over the age of 18 years to make use of our website and the services provided. 2.Being a member of our website allows you to make use of our official website as a social networking website which further allows you to receive all sorts of important messages, offers and additional material. 3.You will to book prior appointment with the trainer. 4.In case, the trainer fails to show up in the class or does not turn up in the class that you have booked for, due to any reason, you will have to follow their terms and conditions because the company does not take any responsibility of it. 5.However, such a repeat incident does not guarantee the full refund of your payment. In such a case, the company will have to look into the whole matter before refunding the money. 6.The company encourages you to treat your password and username as confidential. You are responsible for ensuring the security of your user name and password by not giving it to any third party. 7.The company also reserves every right to disable any username, password allocated by us or chosen by you or even your account, in case, you fail to comply with our terms of use for using website.

8.In any case, if you notice anything suspicious about your user name or password, it is your responsibility to inform us via e-mail or phone number by providing all of your account details that you had provided us at the time of registration on our website. 9.In case, the trainers fail to show up or don’t turn up in the class that you book for, the company has the right to hold your payment at least for the period of 24 hours or more. Intellectual property rights for trainers and users 1.www.Glassar-elecandconstruction.com is the only owner or licensee of all sorts of intellectual property on the website. Everything published on the website is a work published with the copyrights protection and treaties signed all over the world. All such rights have been reserved by http://www.glassarprojects.com only. 2.You can also download or print off one copy of the data but you don’t have any right to modify the data published on the website. 3.The status of your work as an author on our website must be acknowledged by our website. 4.You also agree that you do not have any right to use any work published on our website for your own commercial profit without obtaining a legal license to use it. 5.You also agree to pay the amount of money charged by the Pay pal or any other financial service. 6.For trainers there is two chance systems. No reliance on information published on our website. The company does not take the responsibility of any content made public by publishing it. We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content either. Uploading content on our website: All of the users and trainers are bound to comply with the policy set up by the company for allowing them to upload any content they want to upload. However, if any content uploaded by you is not according to our standards or policy then you guarantee that you will be responsible for it. Furthermore, you will also be responsible towards us. The company makes it clear that any content posted on our website is going to be public. It is the responsibility of the user or trainer to grant us a limited license to store the content and distribute it to the third parties. The company is also not responsible for the accuracy of any content published on the website. Most importantly, the views posted by the users on the website about any published content don’t represent the views of the company at any cost. Security The company does not guarantee that the website is free of any virus or problem. So, it is the responsibility of the users to maintain the security of their computer system or any device they use. Trade Mark Glassar Projects is the trade mark of the company itself. Contact us For any query, we encourage you to feel free and contact us via our phone number or e-mail for customer care.

We do not take send any bank details via email if you recieve any email asking for or giving bank details please call us on 07855100606 or email me directly to carl@glassarprojects.com.

We do not take responsibility for any covid-19 or other spread of any disease on the project.

We will do our upmost to keep all our sub contractors ourselves and our clients as safe as possible by wearing all the correct ppe when we feel it  necessary.

Any skip or waste bin Glassar Projects provide are purchased by us on a hire basis. We ask all clients not to fill skips with personal waste as it can effect the schedule of work due to over spill and it doesnt allow us to safely despose of our waste material. Failure to comply can come at a cost to the client as more skips will have to be purchased to complete the project.