Kitchen Installation

Refurbishing a kitchen or Kitchen installation for your new home is very time consuming (regardless of its size), and needs the owner’s commitment to exert the necessary effort to see the job through. We feel that the kitchen truly is the heart of the home no matter what sizeOne way of making things simpler is to hire a kitchen specialist who is able to handle the finer details of the work that needs to be done.

Our teams are knowledgeable in the latest appliances that would best fit the homeowner’s desired outcome, as well as have enough information about the price of each appliance (including the availability of discount offers).

We understand the importance of kitchen lighting, and relay this in understandable terms to homeowners who are looking around for the best lighting solution.

Aside from having enough knowledge and understanding of kitchen appliances and electronics, we can also assist you in the drawing the new kitchen design. We help you start to finish. This process can start from as early as planning your new extension or knock through and have had some great results expanding the kitchen area into either a garage or dining area.

The specialist is expected to provide an estimate of how much space will have to be allocated for the remodeling work, and determine which parts of the kitchen might pose problems in terms of design and functionality.

Hiring a kitchen installation specialist can be quite costly. It is in due consideration to this effect that we have provided specialists who understand budget requirements and limits, providing a free estimate of the possible costs for the job.

This is something that customers can expect from a Glassar Projects kitchen installations. Our Kitchen installations look fantastic and completely to the clients specification covering all aspects of the installations such as joinery, electrics and plumbing. Contact us for a free installation cost.

We are also going to be featuring the option on our sister website the option to custom order there own kitchen