20 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

20 Ways to Add Value to Your Home  Renovation experts Wirral builders & Liverpool builders Glassar Projects offer expert advice on uncovering potential in your home.   We all want that dream home: that double fronted detached Victorian house with the flowers climbing up the side of the house, right? Just me then. If your … Read more

Choosing an electrician

Electrical Contractors Are Skilled And Willing To Get The Job Done, Right? Wirral electrical contractors and Liverpool electrical contractors oftentimes employ electricians, both are required to have current insurance and have all the correct certification according to British Standards in order to maintain employment. Although the license can vary from job to job, these requirements … Read more

January for Wirral builders Glassar Projects

    January for Wirral Builders Glassar Projects   Hi Everyone Welcome to our very first blog post! January  For a Wirral Builder January can be a strange time as many people are not willing to start any projects due to the amount of money they spend in December. We are currently providing new clients with free … Read more